TWS Bluetooth headsets represented by Apple AirPods have gradually become popular. Although it’s very convenient, the loss of them seems to be getting more and more frequent.

The foreign media reports that there were 950 incidents at 78 stations in Tokyo from July to September this year according to the data of the Japanese railway company, JR East. The incident was that headphones fell in rails.

Japanese Fall AirPods in Rails: Panasonic Has Invented a Special Vacuum Cleaner That Can Pick Them Up-askpower

Usually, station staffs try to pick it up with magic grip, but it works better for hats and smartphones. As headsets such as AirPods Pro are very small, it don’t work well. Sometimes staffs even need to wait for trains over and over again.

Panasonic and JR East have invented a special vacuum cleaner device with the concept of “Making what people need”. The test at a hub station in the north of Tokyo showed that the efficiency of the special vacuum cleaner device was much faster than that of traditional magic grips when they were used to pick headphones up.