With the excellent active noise cancellation and aural enhancement of AMASS semiconductor AS3460 digital aural enhancers, the market “nova”, Padmate, has created a PaMu Quiet headphone that is very competitive in price and have received good reviews after it was listed in September, 2020.

AMASS Helps the“Nova”of TWS Headset, Padmate, Burst the Market with Advanced Active Noise Reduction Technology-askpower

Recently, the global leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, AMASS semiconductor (ams AG, SWX Swiss Exchange Ticker Symbol: AMS), announced that it will provide differentiated and superior performance and core components for the latest PaMu Quiet earplugs launched by Padmate with the leading digital active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. With an excellent active noise cancellation level, which is up to 40 dB, Padmate defines the latest audio earplug as “the best active noise cancellation headphones in market”. Globally, it is also the first two-chip noise cancellation earplug that uses AMASS semiconductor AS3460 digital aural enhancers. (It can achieve the best active noise cancellation performance)

In the “comfortable, smart, high-performance earplug market research” carried out by AMASS Semiconductor recently, it is found that   “” digital active noise cancellation is also an important differentiating factor for earplug manufacturers in addition to performance, comfort and firm wear.

The senior product marketing manager of AMASS semiconductor accessory and wearable equipment department, Christian Feierl, said: “PaMu Quiet earplug launched by Padmate is unique and integrates many advantages. For example, it is light and can be used easily as well as can be charged easily.” It not only has a excellent sound quality and a leading digital active noise cancellation performance based on AMASS semiconductor technology, but also has a strong competitiveness in price. We believed that PaMu Quiet is an earplug that can be considered firstly in terms of price range. Padmate places AS3460 digital aural enhancer in the core place, which manages active noise cancellation and aural enhancement to achieve better sound permeability. This result proves that active noise cancellation of AMASS semiconductor is an “essential” function of earplugs.

“Enjoy music, isolate noise, never fall behind.”    The Padmate team of PaMu Quiet earplug was founded in 2010 and has design facility, research facility, testing facility and large manufacturing facility.  Padmate has cooperated with AMASS Semiconductor and other leading companies to continuously improve true wireless stereo (TWS) headphones and launch the proud PaMu Quiet series. Padmate gives customers around the world a headline, in which they mention that: “Enjoy music, isolate noise, never fall behind.” –It is widely recognized and proved.

“To launch a product that is the best in Bluetooth and sound quality, our PaMu Quiet earplug use dual-noise sensor technology, which can be seen not only in the high specifications of the product, but also can be proved by our customers.” said Weimin Chen, the vice president of Padmate.

The assessment of Padmate for AMASS Semiconductor AS3460   Padmate believes that AMASS Semiconductor is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced sensor solutions in the world, and AS3460 of AMASS Semiconductor   can help to achieve a good and convenient aural experience.

PaMu Quiet earplug use the digital aural enhancement assorted component, AS3460, and the active noise cancellation reaches up to 40dB. It can automatically perform pre-set smooth gradual change to achieve the best aural experience, and will not effect sound quality. The permeable mode can amplify voice and achieve smooth gradual change, which makes PaMu Quiet be used more easily.

AS3460 can help to achieve a compact appearance and ultra-low- power digital core, which can help PaMu Quiet to achieve flexible design and wear comfort.

Why choose AMASS Semiconductor?

AMASS Semiconductor has a long history of continuous breakthroughs and innovation in audio field, and the introduction of technologies such as digital aural enhancement is in line with the traditional style of AMASS Semiconductor. For more than a decade, noise cancellation headphone manufacturers have been using analog ANC chips of AMASS Semiconductor to stay ahead in noise cancellation depth, bandwidth, and ultra-low power consumption. AMASS Semiconductor is also committed to providing headphone manufacturers with expertise and experience to help them optimize acoustics, mechanical structures and electrical performance of products. Thus its market position can be strengthened.

AMASS Semiconductor acquired Incus Laboratories in 2016. Thus it has a new digital audio technology and has two technology weapons, they are digital and analog. The aural enhancement engine platform is the result of this acquisition. Then it introduces functions such as “auto-adaption leak compensation (ALC), automatic preset selection (APS), and “listen to voice that you want to” for full-in-ear and half-in-ear headphones. Later innovative technology will include sealed active noise cancellation, which can compensate mismatch of headphones and increase level of active noise cancellation to more than 50dB.