Recently, it is learned in that Injoinic Technology, a well-known chip brand, launches its first fully integrated wireless charger transmitting terminal SOC chip IP6826, which provides a complete single-chip solution for wireless fast chargers. At the same time, Injoinic has become one of the few manufacturers that have main control chips of fully integrated wireless charging transmitting terminal.

It is learned that there is a wireless charging master control in Injoinic IP6826. It integrates voltage and current demodulation, NMOS driver and NMOS full bridge, and supports 15W wireless fast charging. The peripheral components are very simple. It is available for usage scenarios of small PCB, such as magnetic wireless chargers of iPhone 12.

Injoinic Launches IP6826,a Fully Integrated Wireless Charging SOC Solution-askpower

The picture above shows DEMO board of Injoinic IP6826. The PCB is very small, and the space is reduced further. The back of the PCB is coated with heat dissipation copper.

Previously, the development of a wireless charger required wireless charging main control chips, driver chips, MOS tubes, operational amplifiers, etc.. The quantity of materials is very large. The purchasing is troublesome, and the production cycle is long. Most importantly, chargers with a small size can’t be made. IP6826 solves this problem, which is recently launched by Injoinic. The chip integrates all functions and shortens development cycle and mass production cycle as well as saves costs.

Injoinic Launches IP6826,a Fully Integrated Wireless Charging SOC Solution-askpower

Injoinic IP6826 is compatible with WPC v1.2.4 standard, and supports 5W output. It can support fast charging output from 5w to 15W with fast chargers, and can make two-coil schemes or three-coil schemes. It integrates voltage and current demodulation and NMOS full-bridge drive and NMOS full-bridge, and supports high-sensitivity static foreign body detection and dynamic FOD detection, and FOD parameters can be adjusted by external resistance.

The static current is 10mA. The charging efficiency is up to 79%. It is compatible with NPO and low-cost CBB capacitor, and supports dynamic adjustment of input power. Moreover, overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection are integrated in it. It supports PD3.0, many fast charging applications, Qi protocol, BPP PPDE certification, NTC overheat protection, and three-way LED status indication. It is packed with 5*5mm QFN32. Demodulation modules are integrated in it. It reduces the scheme size and BOM cost obviously.

Injoinic Launches IP6826,a Fully Integrated Wireless Charging SOC Solution-askpower

It is worthwhile to mention that Injoinic IP6826 adds PD3.0 and other fast charging applications on the basis of full integration. It supports fast charging output and power supply of many chargers and NTC temperature detection, which can add overheat protection function for wireless chargers and improve the safety of products.

At present, Injoinic IP6826 has been produced massively and shipped . If you need more product information, please contact Injoinic or agents.