With the continuous development of China’s intellectual property cause, the whole society’s awareness of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights has obviously improved. The state has placed intellectual property protection in a more prominent position, deployed and promoted a series of reforms, issued a series of major policies, actions and plans, implemented a strict intellectual property protection system, and resolutely punished violations of legitimate rights and interests, especially intellectual property rights.


On December 1, 2020, the State Intellectual Property Office officially issued a document declaring that the patent name was “a magnetic shielding device”, and the patent right of the utility model No.201921116914.9 was invalid! It also opened the first battle of patents in the field of wireless charging technology, which has attracted much attention in the wireless charging industry.


With the release of iPhone12, the wireless charging market has entered a new round of explosive growth, and it has become a common consensus in the industry that technology-based companies gain market opportunities through innovative technologies. Ningbo Wei Goose Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wei Goose Technology) said that as early as 2017, the company exclusively launched a Qi-compatible wireless charging solution across the air, and obtained dozens of technical patents, forming a complete patent group protection for this technical field.


Since Micro Goose Technology introduced the long-distance wireless charging technology, it has received multiple attention from both inside and outside the industry. Recently, some cottage companies illegally infringed on the related technology patents of Wei Goose Technology, and Wei Goose Technology quickly made a heavy blow and made a request for invalidation of infringing patents to the State Intellectual Property Office. After strict examination by the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent infringed on Wei Goose Technology patents.

The First Battle of Wireless Charging Technology Patent in Space-askpower

Decision of the State Intellectual Property Office on Examination of Request for Invalidation (No.46984). According to Article 46, paragraph 1 of the Patent Law, the State Intellectual Property Office examined the request for invalidation of the above-mentioned patent right put forward by the claimant for invalidation, and now decides as follows: Declare all patent rights invalid.

In the twenty-fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “innovation is the first driving force to lead development, and protecting intellectual property rights is to protect innovation”, which is a strong recognition of the protection of intellectual property rights. As a legal counterattack made by patent infringers, Wei Goose Technology successfully invalidated the infringing patents of the other party. Wei Goose Technology said that it hopes that through a series of rights protection actions, the industry will regain respect for intellectual property rights and patented products, and promote all parties in the industry to jointly build a fair competitive market order and maintain the industry.