Due to the dual factors of traditional peak season and Apple mobile phone without charger, the market demand of USB PD charger broke out. With years of technical accumulation and hard work in the field of PD protocol, and with the resources of the Group’s packaging and testing factory and the support of the upstream wafer factory, Fuman Group’s cloud silicon semiconductor sales reached a new record in the past November, exceeding 10 million chips.

The Monthly Sales of PD Protocol Chips of Fuman Group Yunxi Semiconductor Exceeded 10 Million-askpower

Among them, the most popular XPD7 series products, facing the high-end brand market, have successively cooperated with AUKEY, Staercke, RAVPower, BELKIN, PISEN, Baseus, Netease Zhizao, Beijing-Tokyo, nubia, PHILIPS, etc. Several brands use USB PD products of XPD7 series scheme to log in Apple Store retail stores and put them on sale.

Regarding the hot sales situation of XPD7 series products, Liu Wenjun, general manager of Yunxi Semiconductor, said:

With the release of Apple iPhone 12, Apple began to implement a new strategy that all mobile phones do not come standard with chargers. Apple’s decision has brought unprecedented demand growth to the charger accessories market. At the same time, we believe that the Android camp will follow Apple’s strategy in the future, and some models do not come standard with chargers. Therefore, in the long run, the demand of charger accessories market will continue to grow.

Yunsi has been focusing on the power management and fast charging protocol market. Through years of technological innovation and patent layout, Yunsi has created many industry-leading technologies and products in the field of PD protocol. For example, the Zero Peripheral Series integrates synchronous rectifier controllers and power MOS devices, and the XPD-LINK Series supports multi-port intelligent power distribution through single bus interconnection.

Recently, the upstream Fab factory and packaging and testing factory have experienced unprecedented capacity shortage, which has brought great impact to IC design enterprises. In this special period, Yunsi met the needs of most customers for 20W PD protocol chips by virtue of the wafer production capacity and the advantages of the packaging and testing plant of Fuman Group.