Renesas Electronics Corporation, a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, recently releases the first 60W wireless power receiver P9418 worldwide, which creates a faster wireless charging experience for smart phones, portable computers and laptop devices by virtue of solutions with advanced power density in the industry. The highly integrated P9418 wireless power receiver adopts the unique WattShare technology of Renesas, which can provide a power of 60W in a chip. It can charge smart phones and other portable computing devices quickly and conveniently.

Renesas Electronics Releases the First 60W Wireless Power Receiver Chip P9418 in the Industry-askpower

Dr. Amit Bavisi, the vice president of wireless power division of Renesas Electronics mobile infrastructure and IOT power division, said: “P9418 is the latest listed product of Renesas fast wireless charging technology, and we are proud to continue to lead all kinds of mobile devices to achieve convenient and economical wireless charging with powerful, safe and locally programmable wireless power solutions. With a wide and scalable combination of wireless power solutions, we are happy to participate in the promotion of upgrading and transformation of charging experience in various battery-powered applications. ”

P9418 is a highly integrated single-chip wireless power receiver/transmitter IC(TRx) based on the unique WattShare technology of Renesas. It can be configured to send or receive AC power signals through magnetic induction. P9418 is based on the proven wireless power receiver and provides a convenient upgrade way for existing customers. New P9418 also provides advanced data measurement and specialized charging protocols for applications with high powers.

The key features of P9418 60w wireless power receiver:

  • Single chip WPC medium power wireless solutions
  • It provides a power of 60W for receiver in high power density solutions
  • It has WattShare(TRx) mode and 10W Tx performance
  • It has embedded 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor
  • It has advanced IOUT current detection accuracy in the industry and can enhance  foreign body detection ability
  • It has MTP non-volatile memory, which can easily update firmwares and device functions
  • It has two-way communication and supports encrypted proprietary authentication
  • It supports I2C 400kHz standard interface and GPIO
  • It comply with WPC 1.2.4 standard and various specialized charging modes

Customers can also combine P9418 wireless charging receiver with Renesas power management products (including USB Type-C power supply and battery charging solutions) to accelerate their application development.

As a global supplier of wireless power solutions, products of Renesas Electronics include power receivers (PRx) used for smart phones and other applications, and power transmitters (PTx) used for charging boards and in-vehicle applications.

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