With the national concept of intelligent development and the popularization of the concept of smart home, smart lighting in the future will have good development prospects in the field of home, office, business and public facilities.

Intelligent lighting refers to a distributed lighting control system composed of technologies such as Internet of Things technology, wired and wireless communication technology, power carrier communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving control to realize intelligent control of lighting equipment . Intelligent lighting can achieve the goals of safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency.

1. Application design of PL88101 in intelligent lighting scheme

In the application of smart lighting solutions, the front-end input is 110V/220V household lighting voltage. Due to cost considerations, the front-end adopts the AC-DC solution of primary-side feedback. Due to the influence of production process and ambient temperature, the output voltage of the primary-side feedback solution The accuracy is not high. In order to achieve the stability of the LED light, the later stage needs to use a higher-precision DC-DC for power supply. The power supply block diagram is shown in Figure 1:

Powlicon Releases Intelligence Lighting Power Management Chip PL88101-askpower

As shown in Figure 1, in conventional smart lighting solutions, LEDs are mostly arranged in multiple strings and multiple parallel combinations. In the entire power supply system, considering the cost and overall performance, the AC voltage is fed back through the primary side to AC-DC to output the DC voltage. The step-down DC-DC scheme is mostly used in the stage. In the application scheme of Fig. 1, 10 strings and multi-parallel LED lights are used as a reference design. The front-stage AC-DC output voltage is generally 36-48V. After a step-down DC-DC voltage conversion, the output is 33VDC to provide stable LED lights. The power supply voltage and load current requirements are selected according to the number of LED strings. In addition, in order to realize the intelligent lighting function, the overall solution requires MCU to adjust the brightness of the LED lights and intelligent control, and synchronization requires a step-down DC-DC to provide a stable 5V/3.3 V power supply.

Therefore, in this solution, the PL8810X series products meet the working voltage up to 60V, the actual withstand voltage is up to 80V or more, and the synchronous rectification solution is adopted. The overall efficiency is increased by more than 10% compared with the current asynchronous solution, and the SOP-8 packaged PL88101 is the largest It can provide a stable load current of 1.2A to provide power supply for LED lights. The PL88101 packaged in SOT23-6 can provide a stable output load current of 600mA to provide power supply for MCU.

2.The product introduction of PL88101

PL88101 is a single chip buck converter that supports input voltages up to 60V and a maximum continuous output current of 1.2A. PL88101 integrates 80 V withstand voltage/550 mΩ high-side MOSFET and 80 V withstand voltage/350 mΩ low-measure MOSFET, realizes 1.2A continuous load current within a wide input range of 4.5-60V, and adopts peak current mode control to provide fast transient State response and cycle current limit.


◆ Input voltage range: 4.5-60V

◆ 1.2A continuous load current

◆ Integrated 80 V withstand voltage/550 mΩ high-side MOSFET and 80 V withstand voltage/350 mΩ low-test MOSFET with output short circuit protection function

◆ 150K switching frequency (the same series of products support 300K, 600K, 1200K, 2100K switching frequencies)

◆ It can realize input over-voltage protection, input under-voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection

◆ SOT23-6, SOP-8 small package

3.The typical application circuit of PL88101

Powlicon Releases Intelligence Lighting Power Management Chip PL88101-askpower

Powlicon Releases Intelligence Lighting Power Management Chip PL88101-askpower