Recently, learns that InjoinicIP2726S has obtained the first Qualcomm QC5 certification.

First, Qualcomm introduced QC5 fast charging technology

On July 27th, 2020, Qualcomm launched the fastest charging technology, Quick Charge 5(QC5). Compared with the previous generation platform, the performance of this technology is significantly improved, the charging efficiency is increased by 70% compared with QC4, and the output power is 10 times that of QC1, and it supports 2S battery and 20V power output. It takes only 5 minutes to charge the 4500mAh battery from 0% to 50%.

Qualcomm Releases the First QC5 Fast Charging Chip Certification, and Injoinic Wins the First Prize!-askpower

The charging speed of QC5 is four times that of the previous generation platform, setting a new benchmark for charging performance. In addition to supporting extremely fast charging, QC5 also supports excellent safety features-supporting 12-gear voltage, current and temperature protection, such as 25V USB input overvoltage protection and external charging power control over 30V. Its operating temperature is also 10 degrees Celsius lower than QC4.

QC5 supports dual-charge/triple-charge technology, adaptive input voltage, INOV4 algorithm, Qualcomm Battery Saver battery health management and brand-new Qualcomm adapter power intelligent identification technology, which will jointly maximize charging efficiency, enhance safety and help prolong battery life of user terminals.

2.Injoinicwinsthe first QC5 certification

On August 12, 2020, InjoinicIP2726S officially obtained the QC5 certification certificate of Qualcomm, and the certificate number is QC20200812181.

Qualcomm Releases the First QC5 Fast Charging Chip Certification, and Injoinic Wins the First Prize!-askpower

It is learned that IP2726S is designed for the latest fast charging technology, which can support up to 100W+. At the same time, it has high reliability and can work stably in extremely harsh high temperature environment, providing assistance for the design of high power density power supply. Chen Jiaxun, CEO of GRL, said: GRL has long-term cooperation with CIMC, including pre-,mid-,and post-product verification, and is honored to participate in the birth of the latest QuickCharge 5 series chips of CIMC.

Peng Feng, Marketing Director of CIMC, said: “The close cooperation with Qualcomm and GRL has made us once again at the forefront of fast charging technology. We will be committed to providing customers with the latest and best quality solutions and promoting the promotion of QuickCharge technology.”

GeorgePaparrizos, the senior director of Technology Product Management of Qualcomm, said: “With the compatibility of Quick Charge 5 and the improvement of charging speed, more consumers can feel the fastest and most universal charging solution of QC5. We congratulate InjoinIC for its milestone in this certification and bring consumers the first 100W+ charging solution. ”

The summary of

It is learned that QC5 fast charging technology is expected to be available with commercial terminals in the third quarter of 2020. Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 865 Plus and future top and high-end Snapdragon mobile platforms can support Quick Charge 5.

IP2726S chip obtained Qualcomm QC5 certification, which will help mobile phone manufacturers to realize 100W fast charging in mobile phone products as soon as possible and complete the brand-new upgrade of fast charging technology.