In order to take care of the screen privacy of users who use MacBook Air or MacBook Pro laptops in cafes, public transport and offices, Kensington has just introduced a peep-proof screen accessory with ultra-thin magnetic attraction design. As the name implies, the UltraThin Magnetic anti-peeping screen accessory can perfectly absorb the magnetic frame of MacBook without affecting the opening and closing of the top cover or preventing the device from entering sleep mode.

Kensington Releases a Very Thin Magnetic Anti-Peeping Screen Accessories for MacBook-askpower

When installed on a compatible MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, the UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screen accessory will limit the viewing angle to 30, and it will be difficult to see what is displayed on the screen unless facing the front of the screen. Kensington also claimed that this anti-peeping screen product can reduce glare and blue light by 22%, improve clarity, and prevent the screen from being scratched and damaged.

At present, Kensington anti-peeping screen accessories have been put on shelves in Apple official website, and three specifications are provided. The accessory also includes an antibacterial cleaning cloth and screen fixer, which can protect the peep screen body from damage when it is removed. The 13-inch version for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is $49.95 (about 346 RMB), and the 15/16-inch version for MacBook Pro is $59.95 (about 416 RMB).