Apple Releases a New 30W PD Charger for Sale at a Price of $49-askpower

Today, a new version of 30W USB-C charger, model MY1W2AM/A, was quietly put on the shelves of Apple official website. In appearance, the USB-C device is made of colloid, which is consistent with the old 30W USB-C charger in 2018.

The apple 30W USB-C charger is suitable for use with a 12-inch MacBook and a 13-inch MacBook Air, and can also be used with models after iPhone 8 and iPad Pro tablet, so as to make full use of PD fast charging function.

Apple has not upgraded the charger for the first time. Many years ago, when USB-C was not popular, Apple released a 29W USB-C charger. Later, because the 29W charger only had two voltages of 5.2V2.4A and 14.5V2.0A, it could not adapt to the current digital products. Therefore, in 2018, Apple released a 30W USB-C charger with 5V3A, 9V3A, 15V2A and 20V1.5A voltage files. In addition to the 29W charger, the 61W USB-C charger has also experienced the alternation of old and new models, and the 96W USB-C charger has also replaced the 87W USB-C charger.

Apple Releases a New 30W PD Charger for Sale at a Price of $49-askpower

However, the 30W USB-C released in 2018 is not compatible with some devices. In the communication process, the target device that needs to receive power will be judged as the charger that outputs power because of the try.SRC signal. In the compatibility evaluation of for many years, Apple 30W charger can’t charge many devices normally, which proves that 2018 Apple 30W USB-C chargers have universal compatibility problems.

This time, Apple released the new 30W USB-C charger in 2020. It is not known whether to fix the BUG of the original 30W charger in 2018. It is still unknown whether there are changes in PDO output voltage, measurements, weight and even internal design. At present, the charger is priced at USD 49, which is equivalent to RMB 340 yuan. It is consistent with the price of 30Wcharger in 2018.