Nubia Releases a 120W Deuterium Gallium Nitride Charger, Which Is Available for All Digital Products-askpower

On July 23rd, the CEO of Nubia, Ni Fei, exposed a brand-new gallium nitride charger in advance. The design follows the previous design concept of deuterium front ID, and supports USB PD fast charging with a maximum power of 120W. Nubia launched a 65W gallium nitride charger a few months ago, and this 120 W is the second gallium nitride charger released by Nubia.

Ni Fei said that a brand-new 120W deuterium front gallium nitride three-port fast charging charger will be brought at the Red Devils 5S game mobile phone and intelligent ecological new product launch conference on July 28. In design, it continues the previous generation’s high value and small size, and adopts the latest gallium nitride chip, which is extremely fast flash charging and instantaneous super power.

In terms of interface, there are three output ports, namely two USB-C PD fast charging ports and one USB-A fast charging port, which can charge three digital devices at the same time and meet the charging requirements of notebooks, tablets and mobile phones at one time. The full silver shell design of deuterium front ID is used in the design. The interface panel is marked with “120W” power sign, with a blue working indicator on the top, and the word “GaN” for gallium nitride and Nubian ID “deuterium” are printed on both sides respectively. Foldable plugs are used in the interface, which is convenient for users to carry and use.

Because it has not been officially released, there are no other parameters at present, and the price, volume and power distribution are all the parts that everyone is very concerned about. I believe there will be more detailed information at the Red Devils 5S conference on July 28th.