According to Taiwan media reports, Apple AR glasses are about to enter the second stage of development, moving towards the goal of commercialization. The main optimization points are light weight and energy saving. It is reported that the second stage is mainly the prototype design stage. In a few months, this AR glasses will undergo the third stage of research and development and enter the engineering stage.

Apple AR Glasses Broke the News Recently and Will Soon Enter the Second Stage of Development to Optimize Lightweight and Energy Saving-askpower

According to the news released this time, the engineering testing phase of Apple AR glasses will last for nearly nine months, and the exact length of time depends on the complexity of the products. There are many technologies involved in Apple AR glasses, and Taiwan media believe that it will take a long time before selling to consumers. In addition, Apple said it would focus on developing a lightweight product oriented to battery efficiency.

As early as June 2020, Bloomberg reported that Apple’s AR equipment plan was led by Mike Rockwell, vice president in charge of AR/VR, and the products under development included a portable AR glasses code-named N421 and an AR/VR integrated head display code-named N301. The prototype of the headset is similar to the smaller version of Facebook’s Oculus Quest, while the eyewear products will be more fashionable and lighter.

At present, many technologies and functions of Apple are regarded as paving the way for AR devices, such as AirPods’ space audio technology, UWB ultra-wideband chips on iPhone/Apple Watch/HomePod and other devices, LiDAR lidar scanners of iPhone 12 Pro series and iPad Pro 2020, and so on.

There is a small probability that Apple will flow out the design drawings of AR glasses later this year, but the finished products are unlikely to be completed within this year.