Bose has just launched a new earphone with an open earhook design, which is Sport Open Earbuds equipped with Bose OpenAudio technology. Sport Open Earbuds can bring quite a relaxed experience to users who hate in-ear headphones through ear hooks around the back, upper and side of the wearer’s ears. In addition, as a sports headset, it can well cope with the challenging use scenarios such as rain, snow and sweat.

Bose Releases Sport Open Earbuds Open Ear Headphones-askpower

In addition to not touching the compressed skin and bone conduction, another advantage of open headphones is that they can listen to music while keeping attention to the surrounding environment.

For users who love cycling, running, hiking and other sports, they can strike a good balance between privacy and environmental awareness.

Bose Releases Sport Open Earbuds Open Ear Headphones-askpower

At present, Bose Sport Open Earbuds headphones have been put on shelves in official website, and interested friends can pay attention to the pre-order opened this week. The price is 199.95 US dollars (about 1290 RMB).

If all goes well, the headphones with the appearance of “triple black” will be shipped on January 20th (covering Best Buy and other retail channels). In addition, if you buy it before the end of the month, you can also experience Aaptive fitness application worth $100 for free.