Http:// learned that Shenzhen Kiwi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was recently invested by Hubei Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Fund.

Kiwi Gets the Investment of Xiaomi-askpower

According to the information of enterprise investigation, Hubei Xiaomi Changjiang Industry Fund added the investment trend of Shenzhen Kiwi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. on July 9.

Founded in 2009, Biyi Microelectronics is headquartered in Shenzhen, the frontier city of science and technology innovation in China, and has subsidiaries and branches in Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai and Zhongshan. With senior experts and efficient management team in the field of semiconductor design, Biyiwei is committed to the development, design, testing, sales and system integration of power management solutions in the fields of computers, consumer electronics and LED lighting. Its products can be applied to LED lighting, chargers, power adapters and small household appliances.

Kiwi Gets the Investment of Xiaomi-askpower

Facing the growing consumer electronics market, Biyiwei combines its years of experience in the field of AC-DC power supply. The scheme can support 65W output at most, which can not only meet the requirements of PD3.0 and QC4.0+ for high-precision adjustment of output voltage, but also has the characteristics of high integration and simplified periphery.

In addition, in the 18W PD fast charging power segment, Biyiwei also introduced a set of highly integrated built-in MOS schemes KP22306 and KP41262, which helped fast charging power supply manufacturers to achieve more streamlined circuit design. In addition, KP23132 built-in BJT and KP41240 have been introduced in the power section below 12W of mobile phone charger and Netcom adapter, providing customers with better solutions in all directions. After the capital injection, we expect Biyiwei to bring more and more amazing fast charging power solutions to users with the advantage of capital.