It is believed that friends who pay attention to digital peripheral accessories are no strangers to Anker. Anker has been deeply involved in the field of 3C accessories, focusing on the design and research and development of intelligent accessories and intelligent hardware, and will always bring many products that surprise consumers.

Recently, Anker has introduced a large-capacity and high-power mobile power product to satisfy some friends who need high-power mobile power when they go out.

25600mAh, 60W Bidirectional PD Fast Charger. Anker Releases a New Mobile Power Bank-askpower

Anker new mobile power supply has built-in super-large battery capacity of 25600mAh, which is the favorite of some friends who need to travel long distances, giving them longer battery life. Bring it to ensure the charging problem of mobile phones, tablets and notebook computers, and make it easier to go out. The power indicator lamp continues the classic horse racing design, and the power button with CD grain silver-gray appearance stands out on the black mobile power supply.

25600mAh, 60W Bidirectional PD Fast Charger. Anker Releases a New Mobile Power Bank-askpower

What is the performance of mobile power products with such a large battery capacity in terms of interface configuration? The mobile power supply has two USB-A output interfaces and one USB-C bidirectional fast charging interface.

USB-C supports PowerIQ 3.0. the blessing of 60W PD high-power output enables it to provide power support for notebooks. it also has 60W PD fast charging input, which allows the mobile power supply itself to quickly recharge its blood, without delaying its use, and is a charging assistant for traveling. In addition, USB-C supports fast charging, and naturally USB-A can’t fall behind. USB-A also supports 18W high power, and is compatible with various fast charging protocols. It adopts independent output design. When the C port provides 60W high power output for the equipment, the USB-A interface can also charge quickly, and the total output power can reach 78 W..

Everything from laptop to Bluetooth headset should be taken into account. The design of the three-output interface also makes it possible to provide power support for multiple devices at the same time, which is very convenient for users. At present, Anker’s new mobile power supply has been pre-sold on the e-commerce platform. Interested friends can go and have a look.