Review of Live Online Video of Cypress & Trade Electronics-askpower

In 2020, the penetration rate of USB PD&Type-C in mobile phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, automobiles, household appliances and other fields has shown a compound growth trend, and there will be more than hundreds of terminal brands and models supporting USB PD fast charging, showing an irresistible development trend. At the same time, the competition in USB PD&Type-C market has also entered a white-hot stage. How can we demand new development opportunities in the Red Sea market?

On April 24th, Cypress and Trades Electronics conducted an online live broadcast, which deeply analyzed the application of Cypress’s USB-C PD technology in charger, mobile power supply, car charger, wireless charger, replacement of traditional cylinder charger, and the design scheme of USB-C installed in front of the car, and discussed the encryption and security issues to be considered in USB-C charger.