In a report covering multiple topics today, the Japanese website Mac Otakara claimed that the Apple AirTags item tracker is not only fully waterproof, but also uses a magnetic wireless charging function similar to Apple Watch. As early as last summer, MacRumors had found clues about AirTags in the Find My search application in the iOS internal version.

Apple AirTags Item Tracker Exposure: Waterproof + Wireless Charging-askpower

It is reported that this Tile-like item tracker can facilitate users to find the location of items placed with it.

In the iPhone 11 series of smartphones, Apple has introduced support for ultra-wideband chips and augmented reality functions. AirTags seems to provide extremely high object finding accuracy, and even supports positioning in the room.

Although it is not certain when Apple will officially release this feature, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out last week, production is not expected to increase in the second and third quarters.

In addition, Mac Otakara stated in today’s report that Apple may announce many new products and new features along with the new iPhone at the autumn conference in September this year.