On October 10, 2019, Cypress Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CY) announced the launch of its latest USB-C controller ACG1F. ACG1F is designed for mainstream and entry-level notebook computers and desktop PCs. It is a low-cost single-port USB-C controller, suitable for systems that need to convert traditional USB Type-A ports to USB Type-C ports.

Cypress Releases USB-C Controller ACG1F to Help Traditional Laptops to Transform to USB PD Fast Charging-askpower

ACG1F integrates VBUS load switch for power supply and fault protection, providing a more reliable solution for accelerating the use of USB-C in PCs. ACG1F uses a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0 processor, and is equipped with 16-KB flash memory to provide USB-C programming capabilities. In addition, ACG1F also supports the latest version of Microsoft’s USB Type-C connector system software interface (UCSI) driver and extensions, providing more extensive support for customers who develop USB-C solutions.

The USB-C connection standard is being widely adopted by the world’s leading PC manufacturers and peripheral and accessory manufacturers. USB-C provides users with a variety of advantages, including support for positive and negative insertion and support for multiple standards, including USB 3.1 (data transfer rate is twice that of USB 3.0, speeds up to 10Gbps), Thunderbolt, DisplayPort and HDMI.


Linn Huang, the Vice President of IDC Devices and Displays, said: “IDC expects that USB-C will continue to maintain a strong growth momentum, and with the widespread adoption by manufacturers and consumers, it is expected to become one of the fastest growing personal computer technologies in the next few years. 1. Fast, versatile, and robust. When plugged in, you never have to worry about which side should face up. USB-C is a game-changing technology that will eventually be ubiquitous. By 2022, more than 80% of notebook computers will adopt For USB-C ports, 25% of laptops will only use USB-C ports instead of traditional Type-A ports.”

Ajay Srikrishna, the vice president of Cypress’s wired connectivity business unit, said: “As a leading provider of USB-C controllers, Cypress is using ACG1F to consolidate its leading position in the mainstream and entry-level PC and notebook markets. As USB-C will continue to replace traditional USB Type-A ports on a large scale, this already large market will continue to grow, which is a huge business opportunity for Cypress.”

ACG1F controller is currently providing samples to major OEMs and will enter mass production this quarter.